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An Abundance of Amateur Ass

January 19th, 2015

All right, so you want to get some free porn online, and you’re partial to the homemade amateur stuff, the kind of porn that isn’t staged for the screen. You’d rather have a look at what’s going on inside the bedrooms (kitchens, bathrooms, back yards) of regular people just like you. No problem. I’ve got just the site for you. It’s, and it’s chock full of salacious amateur photos and videos of the people next door doing the nasty. More than 700,000 members upload their intimate content daily, so there’s always a fuck-ton of hot action to choose from, and it’s great! Yeah, you need to join for free to participate, but if you’re skeptical about giving your email, like I was at first, I suggest you read through the reviews written by actual members. It’s my guess you’ll be clicking that ‘join’ button and enjoying the abundance of amateur ass in no time flat.

Madonna — Queen of the Naked Celeb’s Exposed!

January 18th, 2015

Madonna Exposed

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We don’t know whether it’s Madonna’s singing, acting or her propensity for appearing nude whenever the occasion arises that has made her the superstar celebrity that she is. Whatever the case, there’s no shortage of pics and clips showing this bold celeb in all her naked glory. From strutting her unadorned stuff at the beach (and hot stuff it is!), to hitchhiking naked, to public lesbian tongue swapping (very arousing!), this audacious celeb’s exposed herself in every conceivable situation. Her outrageous public behavior is outstripped only by her private antics, which—surprise, surprise!—are readily available for mass consumption! Watch her fanatically hardcore sex tape to discover her not-so-secret dirty pleasures!

Paris Hilton’s Celebrity Ass Exposed!

December 29th, 2014

Paris Hilton Sextapes

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Hot and trashy Paris Hilton is at it again! It seems she forgot her panties at home when she attended the latest bash, and the cameras were flashing as the glorified shirt she mistook for a dress rode up on her hips to expose her bare hiney. It isn’t the first look we’ve gotten at Paris’ behind, and there’s a good bet to be had that it won’t be the last, but any view of this sluty celeb’s exposed flesh is a good view, eh? We love the fact that Paris parties pantiless—and topless too, as these cock-popping pics attest. And when it comes to celeb sex, our girl’s always out in front of the crowd! Just watch any one of Paris’ raunchy, uncensored celebrity sex tapes to catch her enjoying every positon you can imagine—and a few you haven’t! Everybody else has witnessed this celeb’s porn star performances; why not you?

More Pleasing than an A-List Celeb!

December 9th, 2014

Yeah okay, this chick’s not exactly an A-list celebrity. So sue me. Her name’s Olga…Mistress Olga to you, and she’s here because she’s as much of a celeb in her world—and mine—as any of the stuck-up, red carpet crew in Hollywood. In fact, Olga’s far more pleasing. She’s not waiting for a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ to show off her goods. No flimsy excuses (pardon the pun) for this hot-bodied vixen. Olga’s an escort with attitude who likes to show and tell. She likes to kiss and tell, too, and that’s what makes her site as entertaining as anything the stars have to offer. See just what Mistress Olga is selling and read about her steamy escapades here. This sexy minx will be on your A-list ever after.

Cum Meet a Hot, Exotic London Escort

December 2nd, 2014


Hey there sexy man. My name is Xela, and I’m an escort. I’ve been up and down these steamy streets, and I know all the ins and outs of the erotic, after-hours business women and men get up to. I’m inviting you to come and be my friend and read about my sexual adventures with both men and women. And while you’re on my site, you can take look at some of my gorgeous colleagues and discover everything you ever wanted to know about the London escort world from a hot insider who’s a part of it all. If you want to find something to suit your tastes, I’m your go-to girl, and I’ll be looking for you at Naughty Xela. Come see what’s on offer!

Abi Titmuss’ Shocking Celeb Sex Tape!

December 1st, 2014

Abi Titmuss Sex Tape Scandal

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Sweet little Abi Titmuss lost her presenter job on the Richard and Judy Show when this home movie of boyfriend John Leslie, Abi herself and an unknown black woman was released to the Internet. This isn’t any lovey dovey flick; we’re talkin’ hardcore, in-your-face action here! Don’t deprive yourself of this explosive scorcher! There’s muff munching, ass licking, cock sucking and vibrator wielding as this seemingly sex-starved threesome goes wild on the screen! Abi is the undisputed star of the show, and you’ll want to see her tongue work as she pleasures both her sex mates!