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MTV Reality Star Exposed

April 25th, 2016

farrah abraham celeb sex tape exposed

TMZ and other reality television blogs are reporting Farrah Abraham has filmed a sex tape! Yup another fame whore and attention seeking nude celeb has seemingly made another shitty sex tape with hopes and dream of making millions just like Kim K. Google, twitter and a new site are exploding with news and details of the reported celebrity sex tape but nobody knows for sure.

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April 5th, 2016

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How to figure out the hot, sexy girls naked on your screen

March 16th, 2016

If you want to score with hot, sexy girls naked in front of you on the Internet, you really need to have a solid game plan. (Or just use this site but lets keep that between us )A lot of guys think that they’re good-looking enough and outgoing enough to score with almost anybody. While that may be true in the offline world, the rules are quite different in the online world. You have to remember that in an online communications platform nine times out of ten, people can’t see your facial expressions. People can’t decipher your tone of voice. There are many non-content-based signals that you’re sending out that actually flesh out your message. This is why the most persuasive sales people have to jump on a plane and meet people on a face to face basis and press the flesh for them to seal the deal. That’s how it works because you’re sending out all those messages.

Now if you think you’re physically good-looking or you’re a charming person then you can pull things off in the offline world. In the online world there is a serious filter against those other signals that you are sending out. This is why if you are serious about figuring out hot, sexy girls naked on your screen you need to look at how you’re messaging them. You need to look at your choice of words. You need to look at the emoticons that you use. You also have to look at your timing. Most importantly, you need to pay attention to the signals being sent by other guys.

You have to remember you’re not operating in a vacuum. There are many other guys who are trying to bang this chick. There are many other guys who are trying to get her number and get with her. There’s been many cases of dudes from Western Europe and the United States jumping on a plane going to Thailand or the Philippines to hook up with hot, sexy girls naked in front of a webcam. The reason they were able to do this is that they were able to play the game right. It’s all about communicating clearly. You have to pay attention to the fact that type communication is very different from spoken communications. You need to make adjustments so you can maximize the impact of your words.

Top 10 hotter-than-hot black pornstars!

March 12th, 2016

They say that once you go black you’ll never go back. We’re not sure if there’s any truth to that statement, but we are sure of one thing: some of those dark stars of porn are hot enough to melt steel. If you’re a guy who appreciates the unique charm of black poontang, you’ll be wanting to check out IFL Porn’s new list of the top 10 hottest ebony pornstars. From the almost white Cassidy Banks, newcomer to the porn scene, to the definitely dark Jada Fire, veteran of the steamy screen, these sexy chocolate mommas are going to light your fire. So check out these hotter-than-hot black pornstars, and see if your favorite mocha muff has made the cut.

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February 26th, 2016

We’re taking a break from our usual celebrity fare today to talk about a service that should interest every red-blooded male of the species: escorts, those wonderful, sexy and talented goddesses that have been looking out for men’s interests since time immemorial. Now if you haven’t yet been initiated into the ranks of escorted manhood, it’s high time you joined the club, because until you’ve experienced the company of a classy, stunning and very skilled escort, you just haven’t been there…and trust us, you really want to go where these girls take you. If London’s your location, you’re initiation will be sweet indeed. Have a look at these hot east London escorts, and tell us again why you’re not in the club?

A real-life performance awaits

February 25th, 2016

While we’re happy to bring you nude pics and sexy vids of celebrities here on Naked Celebs Exposed, we’d like to suggest that you take some time to enjoy the attentions of a real-world female. But don’t worry, we’re not going to drag you away from your stars for anything less than a stellar experience. In fact, the girls we’ve got in mind are every bit as gorgeous as anything you’ll find on this site, and every bit as skilled in their profession. We’re talking, of course, about the talented ladies at Escorts North London, who will make you forget all about those untouchable celebrities and start dreaming about the hot, real-life north London escort who performs in private, in person, and just for you. It’s one show you don’t want to miss!